Live Sound Engineering Resume

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Just uncrated are four JBL 2380 FOH multicellular horns.  Each were later fitted with a pair of 2480 drivers.  The two JBL 2360 multicellular horns were fitted with one 2480 driver for stage side fill use.  (top of van)
 Union NJ - March 1, 1972


Eric & Rich New Years Eve Madison Square Garden

(Rich and Eric before the show)

These are clips from the 7/12/92 Jones Beach H.O.R.D.E.  Which was recorded by a pair of shotgun mics setup behind the FOH station.

For the FOH engineer on the H.O.R.D.E. tour, sound checks were not even an option.  You always started cold, and had to get your band's mix together as fast as possible.

Some samples from that concert:

Refrigerator Car  5:25  5meg
Indifference  5:02  4.6meg
Two Princes  4:11  3.8meg
What Time Is It  8:14  7.5meg
How Could You Want Him 7:16  6.7meg
Jimmy Olsen's Blues  7:11  6.6meg

Merriweather Post Pavilion 1992 HORDE Tour

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A gig sample from a night up in Canada with Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors.

If You Don't Like the Effect,.. (2.5meg)

Woolight... (8.6meg)

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Rich engineers for the Woo Warriors at Woodstock 99.

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