Shipping Instructions

The best approach to take in preparing your Instrument or Amplifier for shipping is to imagine it falling from a height of about 6 feet. The most common reason we receive damaged amps and guitars is because they were not "PROTECTED" by the packaging. Proper packaging materials and packing technique is your best insurance against damage incurred in shipping. Some of the shippers offer a packing service you may want to use if you not experienced at this packing thing. Next, insure it for it's true value.
Shipping Companies - We have used both United Parcel Service (Max. 150 lbs.) & Federal Express without any problems within and outside of the USA. However, there are other shippers you may want to use.

Guitars & Basses - Loosen the string tension to zero, and Remove all the stuff you keep in the case other than the Instrument. Things like strings, picks, screws, wires, tools, old parts, etc. etc. .. With the instrument inside, " Shake The Hell Out Of It." If you can feel or hear it moving inside you will have to use some packing material to secure it in the case. Soft foam rubber works just fine.

Amplifiers, Keyboards, & Speaker Cabinets - With a Magic Marker, number all the tubes (on the glass) and the corresponding tube sockets. Remove all the tubes and wrap them in paper toweling or plastic bubble wrap. Pack the tubes into a small sealed box and secure it inside the amp head cabinet or the bottom of the combo amp cabinet. Tighten all the screws and nuts that hold the amp chassis, speakers, etc. etc. etc.................. Imagine what that 6 foot drop could do to a loose speaker or amp chassis!

Shipping Cartons - Use a heavy duty grade shipping carton that is at least 6" larger (length, width, & depth) than the instrument case, amplifier, or speaker cabinet. Fill the bottom 3"deep with either foam rubber, large bubble wrap, twisted newspaper, or styrofoam popcorn (light weight items). Center the unit in the box and fill in the remaining sides and top with your packing material. 

NOTE - If the item your are going to ship to us is extremely valuable, Double Box it by repeating the above procedure a second time inside a second larger heavy duty grade shipping carton.

Extras - Before you seal the box with strapping tape. Did you remember to include your name, address, telephone, detailed description of the work to be performed, your "Sound Sample" tape with log, history of past repairs and/or modifications, and your payment for the agreed amount?

Warranty Documentation - A photo-copy of the original bill of sale from your dealer and the Signed Warranty form (supplied by prior arrangement) must be included with your shipment. Verification from the manufacturer must be confirmed, before any Warranty work will begin. 

Shipping Address: 

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